Dec. 25th, 2012 04:13 pm
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Well, I *was* going to muck around town as Femme Darth Vader but I'm catching a cold, so started out late... and then found my wallet wasn't in my pocket.

Since I bought gas last night right before coming home, it can be in one of three places - house, car or somewhere random on the ground where I opened my car door. House and car are both complicated searches in progress. Somewhere random on the ground is essentially an unsolvable condition. Nobody seems to have charged anything on my debit card as of yet, so I'm guessing house or car. But... where the hell in said places? Did the cats drag it off? Meanwhile, this sucks and I shouldn't go driving around without my driver's license. :-(

In happier news, I have two awesome Yuletide gifts from anonymous benefactors - Her Brother's Keeper (Chronicles of Amber story focused on Fiona) and Autumn Sparring (Baldur's Gate story focused on Khalid and the Harpers.) Yay!

I'm also getting involved in a super intricate creative collaboration with a new friend in the Homestuck fandom. (If you're interested, I'll be posting more about it on DW and Tumblr, as I get the sense that Homestuck babblings will be more welcome in those areas, though if you're interested in my putting up posts here too, feel free to note it in comments. I'll definitely link to finished results here, in any case.)
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This is the story I wrote for Yuletide - now that the reveal has taken place. Warning: if you try to play a "guess the references drinking game" with it you'd better be working in sips.


Die Morgensheutegesternwelt
(Rated: T for hallucinogen use)
Fandoms: Young Wizards, Illuminatus! Trilogy, Sandman
Pairing: Tom Swale / Carl Romeo

Summary: A pair of wizards and an enormous heap of pop culture references walk into a music festival in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Some abnormal things happen.


Enjoy, everyone!
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So for Yuletide I made the usual three requests, etc, etc.

My top request - which, while I would have loved either of the others, frankly took center stage because I've been Amber-obsessed lately - got so much love!

It was, basically, to explore and perhaps resolve some aspect of the relationship between Martin and Brand. And, if the writer wanted to, hit some of my kinks for friendly enmities and betrayal and forgiveness in the process. Oh, and slashy subtext. Massive spoilers for the books, if you haven't read them.

The wonderful, wonderful folk of Yuletide wrote me three. different. stories.

Even if it were politic to choose a favorite, I wouldn't be able to, because I love them all so much. They don't duplicate each other's content particularly. The first two have the most slashy context, they are allllll the kind of wonderful darkbright stories I favor, pain and ambiguity and desperation and hope and strangeness, and OH SO MUCH WIN.
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DEAR YULETIDE AUTHOR LETTER FINAL (Updated 8:37 PM Pacific time Nov. 21) Chronicles of Amber, Phoenix Requiem, Wheel of Time )
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More details later. But: I got not one but TWO Yuletide fics. One about Brand of Amber, and the other an elaboration on the Thomas Dolby song Airwaves. Both really fantastic.

AND the third fandom pairing I'd requested was written in for other recipients, so I got ALL THE FAN FICTION I WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS. Squee!

Now, I really need to be going to bed. Breakfast in less than seven hours. But OMG! Yay!


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