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So I use my Gmail drafts folder as an all-purpose notebook, because it's easy to copy/paste from it and I get tired of saving things on the wrong machine or losing writing in a computer crash.

And then I wind up with strange, strange abandoned ideas in there sometimes. The bums-with-dreadlocks of my writing drawer. Like the following:

"name a badly behaved cat "Jesus" so that people can say "Oh, Jesus!" when the cat poops in their shoes."

That is all.
Carry on with your business.
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...if I weren't in China, I'd *totally* be making a hop down to LA to support the writers' guild strike.

I wonder what I can do to support them from here. I should totally be in bed. Instead I'm following the good fight.

Negative nellies specifically uninvited from drive-by commentary like '... boo writers' strike, they're all rich bastards'. A, that's not true. B, that's not true. C, I'm a writer, though I don't write for television. D, I know people who write for television... and they're not rich bastards.

I don't usually like to uninvite specific kinds of comments. But due to part (C) and (D), I am damned fierce about this.

If you need an explanation, this is one of the best explanations I've seen. If you need a sound bite, check out this Youtube video.


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