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[ profile] deepad has the missing piece that makes online race relations go wonky.

This is such a huge piece of information, right here. And it's communicational. Follows, one of the most useful statements I've ever read:

"When you are part of the dominant culture, you are in a system that rewards your default way of living as being termed 'right', and you grow up thinking that being 'wrong' is bad, and therefore a serious enough offence to either paralyse you, or invoke anger at the name-caller.

When you are a minority or a survivor of an oppressive system, you are used to your identity being termed 'wrong', and you work on the assumption that the systems are all broken. You do not trust power to not be used for oppression, opportunity to not be used for selfish advancement, intelligence to not be used against justice, and discernment to not be used to create bigotry.

We are not used to throwing our abusers in jail after three strikes--we negotiate with our abusers being our bosses and television hosts and school teachers and peacekeeping forces and our clergy. When someone tells us we are wrong, we can't run away or banish them, we learn to live with them, and with ourselves.

Try to put yourself in this mindset when you hear someone saying you were wrong."

Context here.

Damn. Damn.

I've run into these kinds of things with my partners - we're three white people from different childhood backgrounds, and it took us a while before we figured out what was hostile, what was friendly and what was neutral. So the kind of problem is not new. It's just amazing to me that someone has finally articulated exactly what is causing all this internet drama. Like whoa.


In unrelated news, some of you may be curious about the INTERNET PENIS icon I made and posted yesterday.

The stills are not manipulated in any way except to size them and add text. They are from a scene in an old Star Trek episode, What Are Little Girls Made Of? I will narrate the scene to you:

Kirk runs down a cave tunnel, hiding from an evil android played by Ted Cassidy (Lurch) in bad stage makeup and a collar made from someone's floral curtains. Lurch approaches. Kirk hides. Kirk breaks a stalactite off the ceiling! The stalactite looks like a giant penis! Lurch approaches! He wields his giant penis!

It's all very exciting. Someone in the props department was having fun.
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I was stymied by the KB size limit, appropriately enough, so made a smaller, more truncated version of it for the icon. Below is the uncut (heh heh heh) version. Because we watched this Star Trek episode tonight, and I had to.

Internet Penis.

Images are from Star Trek TOS: What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Icon may be used and copied freely, credit [ profile] amberite (and warm fuzzies are nice while you're at it...)


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