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Passed along by [ profile] naamah_darling: Ball Memorial Hospital, a teaching hospital of all things, refused treatment to a woman who was coughing up blood because of her gender identity.

Go yell at them on their facebook page. (There's a petition up, but seriously I think yelling at them on their facebook page will be a more efficient use of time, since it's public egging.) You can also suggest to CNN that they cover this.
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So, what comes in kitty is going out of kitty, thank Gods, at least some of it. And with the help of one of my expat friends' local friends, I managed to acquire some deworming medication and dropper it in.

And on the heels of that comes the announcement that the power will be out from 8 AM to 4 PM tomorrow. Let's see: a month and a half ago it was 70 degrees and humid, now it's 39 in the day and 26 at night -- and WHEN do you pick to do the maintenance? This in addition to the internet outage that went on for two days. And the two days we spent running around town trying to get my money sent home. What the hell is in retrograde to produce this much FAIL?

So this means no cooking, no computer (there goes my lesson plan) and no heaters for the kitten. The latter was what really threw me into a panic. I'm afraid I've been rather cross with V., rather a lot, lately: she's only the bearer of bad news. She had the bright idea to acquire a couple of the thermos bottles people use to keep water hot -- so I did, and I'm going to refill them in the morning if the water's cooled, and use them to fill the rubber-pillow-type hot water bottles I've got as backup heaters for the kitten's cardboard home.

Which is now much less of an enclosure as the little one can now climb the walls. I am glad that he's getting bigger and more active, even if the timing is off.


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