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Okay, sorry I've been so totally out of contact. I'm mostly on my Tumblr right now because my fandom is most active there, as much as I'd rather it be here or on DW.

But anyway. We (titianArchivist and myself) have completed the first "book" of Wires and Stars, our Sollux/Psiioniic epicfic, and I have all these rambly thoughts to tell you sometime about creativity and how awesome it is to have a creative partner because this is the only novel-length work I've both completed and been genuinely happy with completing (same for Titian), and it's making me think about the possibility of going back towards writing as a career.

The series isn't finished, but the first part is finally out the gate. All seventeen chapters of it. WITH FANART ALL OVER THE PLACE, oh my god. Not by us, but by people who actually draw, wow.

Wires and Stars: Initiation

in chapters * as one piece

Story contains pseudo-incest [of the "characters are genetically related but don't have a human-style family relationship" variety], body horror, angst, hurt/comfort, age difference, mental health issues... let's just say our motto is "everything is beautiful and everything hurts", and we're dedicated to both dealing with really dark material and being ultimately kind to our readers as a baseline. It's an attempt to tell an ultimately hopeful story in a crapsack world.

We have an authorial policy, in response to a number of concerned questions: ask directly for spoilers if you need them. Fanfiction should be fun! It should be fun for everyone, at every level of narrative surprise comfort or lack thereof!

If you want to skip to the smut, we also wrote fingers of light, a 12k smutty one-shot that takes place just before the last chapter of Initiation. It's somewhat spoilery for the story arc of Initiation, but if you're a skip-to-the-smut sort of person (no shame in that!) you probably don't mind.

Still need to write up the FAQ of "things you need to know about Homestuck to make our fic comprehensible if you're not a Homestuck reader", but as a general principle, most of them are the sort of thing you'll know if someone has told you about Homestuck at length and if you keep the wiki handy: we're trying very hard with this to make it relatively accessible to non-Homestuck fans. And, if you're a non-Homestuck who wants to read it and is waiting on said FAQ, please let me know! It'll give me motivation to work harder. :-)

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- Part of Wires and Stars: Initiation by [ profile] amberite and TitianArchivist -

(art by querulousArtisan)

Chapter 6: whenever I'm alone and you're lost out there

This is not something you can engineer.

This should not upset you as much as it does.

But: identify your variables, and you can give them parameters. You finally have a name, now, for the loss and the longing and the reaching; you know the shape of the shameful crack in your heart.

More chapter teasers below the cut )

Tags/warnings/etc at AO3.
And a bunch of new art in chapters 2, 3 and 7 and linked from chapter 5!

Sorry about the delayed updates. I've been mostly over on Tumblr, as there are more Homestucks there, even though I like LJ and DW better.
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- Part of Wires and Stars: Initiation by [ profile] amberite and titianArchivist -

(art by querulousArtisan)

Chapter 6: whenever I'm alone and you're lost out there

This is not something you can engineer.

This should not upset you as much as it does.

But: identify your variables, and you can give them parameters. You finally have a name, now, for the loss and the longing and the reaching; you know the shape of the shameful crack in your heart.

Tags/warnings/etc at AO3.
In other news, there's now art in Chapter 2 and 3, and another piece going up soon!
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- Part of Wires and Stars by [ profile] amberite and titianArchivist -

Chapter 5: cup your hands like the conch to your ear

“I think, I think last time you could hear me I asked you to tell me everything. I. I still want that.” You look him square in the eye, still can’t get over how his eyes reverse-mirror yours, and your stupid defensiveness goes to brittle nothing like a drying soap bubble.

In which attempts are made to divulge memories, assuage discomfort, and consult a third party, with mixed success in all cases.

Tags/warnings/etc at AO3.
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(Sollux/Psiioniic epic in progress by [ profile] amberite and TitianArchivist. Warnings/ratings up on AO3. Body horror, weird dream shit, later smut.)

Chapter Teaser:
You are too open. You are defenseless. You are not a vessel for voices, you are a fleetbeast dead center on the highway, you have no foreknowledge of what you are about to endure, you will be destroyed, insane. You are not yourself. You are so young.

You know who you are.
You know who you are.

Chapter 1 * Chapter 2 * Chapter 3
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Wanting What You Have (G, Astrid/Walter, no warnings)

Spoilers for early Season 3. Perspective of one Olivia Dunham, agent of Fringe Division.

The trouble with trying to play along and assuming you know what's happening is that sometimes you'll figure out something you weren't supposed to have known already.

Like about Astrid and Walter.

[Note to readers: I'm scarcely past this point in the show, so please don't spoil me for future events!]
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This is the story I wrote for Yuletide - now that the reveal has taken place. Warning: if you try to play a "guess the references drinking game" with it you'd better be working in sips.


Die Morgensheutegesternwelt
(Rated: T for hallucinogen use)
Fandoms: Young Wizards, Illuminatus! Trilogy, Sandman
Pairing: Tom Swale / Carl Romeo

Summary: A pair of wizards and an enormous heap of pop culture references walk into a music festival in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Some abnormal things happen.


Enjoy, everyone!
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So for Yuletide I made the usual three requests, etc, etc.

My top request - which, while I would have loved either of the others, frankly took center stage because I've been Amber-obsessed lately - got so much love!

It was, basically, to explore and perhaps resolve some aspect of the relationship between Martin and Brand. And, if the writer wanted to, hit some of my kinks for friendly enmities and betrayal and forgiveness in the process. Oh, and slashy subtext. Massive spoilers for the books, if you haven't read them.

The wonderful, wonderful folk of Yuletide wrote me three. different. stories.

Even if it were politic to choose a favorite, I wouldn't be able to, because I love them all so much. They don't duplicate each other's content particularly. The first two have the most slashy context, they are allllll the kind of wonderful darkbright stories I favor, pain and ambiguity and desperation and hope and strangeness, and OH SO MUCH WIN.
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You know you want to:

The Doctor Who Kinkmeme lives. Go write porn in it!

This has been a public service announcement. Have a nice day.
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I just watched the finale and I don't have enough brain-space to talk about it yet (let's just say I liked certain things about it, and I liked how they dealt with a certain visiting companion, but I didn't like the ending) and then I read the new part of [ profile] ginger_rude's Communion which is now up, and....


I'd say it's somewhere among the top five pieces of fan fiction I have ever read. I say the top five because it's my very, very favorite right now but I'm not sure where that fits into the time continuum.

Go read it. Jack/Tenth Doctor. Teh secks is involved, but mostly it's a deep psychological exploration (with telepathy) written by someone who really knows what she's doing. The piece expands on a lot of the things that I was trying to do with Survivor's Guilt and gets quite a lot deeper with them, while hitting every note perfectly. IT IS TEH AWESOME.

And for the record, I think I may have liked the s4 finale over all, but THIS IS BETTER A LOT. Someone send this woman a special effects budget. Sheeeyit.
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From here. Ideally you should read [ profile] merovingian's post first, because that way, this will make sense. Preserved in my LJ 'cos I know I'll want to find it later...

Promise I'll get to the last few commissions soon. I think I've been holding off because when I finish them, I'll want to take more, and I *know* I can't do that at least until I've finished a couple major things this week.




(untitled, or pick a random Ziggy Stardust lyric and make it a title)

Weird says their work in the pretend carwash is a day job, but Gilly thinks sometimes it's their real life's purpose, and Weird wouldn't be here, if it wasn't. They do it because they need to seed the transmitters. On every car they wash, they slip one with their long alien fingers into that dark, unknowable space where the window goes when the window goes down.

The transmitters spread their message to the imaginary cars' owners.

What message? Well, it hasn't changed so much over the years.

The people need it. They never stop needing it.

After the twilight hour, when the massive whirling brushes spin to a halt and the soap sprayers are turned off and the doors close over the plastic curtain gate, they stand pressed against each other in the sound of crickets and the fading California heat coming up from the pavement.

Then, after the dreamers are all gone, after no one could even suspect the carwash to be open for business, they open the doors again.

They climb onto the roof of their imaginary car. The car drives itself through the plastic sheeting as Weird and Gilly lower their heads, into the pitch-black forest of machinery, silent and humid and leviathan in the night. Weird turns the rinse sprayers on with zer mind, and they make love to each other with musical hands in the warm artificial rain.
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DW Minor Characters Ficathon (very late, d'oh)

For: [ profile] slightly_mad
Title: Circular Generation
Words: 1400
Spoilers: S1 & early Torchwood; heavy speculation.

Summary: Jack's first pregnancy and his missing time were related. The two others central to the matter are more significant than they seem.

Rating: R for some slightly bizarre het sex and glossed-over invasive medical procedures.

This is one of the most out-there things I've ever written as far as character speculation goes...


Jack has two periods of time missing from his memory: he doesn't remember the first two years of his life. But then, we rarely do. )
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About five hundred words. Came off the drabble tag game, but I like it well enough to repost it on its own. I didn't expect Liz to go so. fucking. smexy on me!

"Give me a call if you're ever ... well, in trouble anywhere there are phones," Dr. Shaw said to her. It isn't South Croydon, but it has phones. )
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Since I failed my sleep roll, I'm going to try again after posting a quick fic rec: Hourglass, by schildkroet/[ profile] vail_kagami. Spoilery for s3. Very dark, brutal and intense and extremely sad -- not the sort of semi-consensual BDSM stuff that we traditionally seem to write, but a very truly told abusive dynamic. The thing that chilled me most about it is that everything the Master says in it, with a few exceptions, is more or less true. Ouch.



7 Naughty Master Prompts

If you want to take a prompt, let me know. More than one person can take a prompt, but I'll list your name up here when you agree to it, and then link the stories when you finish.

Some are crack, some are serious. Most of them involve sex, but they don't all have to.

Cut for S3 Spoilers. Half are specifically new-school related; one is old-school, the rest flexible. )
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The Persistence of Memory (Hallelujah)

This one is not like my last Doctor/Master fic -- it is more in my usual vein of angst and hope and awkward, plaintive attempts at mutual salvation. It is still dark. Spoilers for season finale; takes place during That Year.

I have an extensive essay on why I wrote it that I have here.

It is easier to be a kept man, when you are a Time Lord. Time, you see, the passage of time, drives most of us insane -- the way it moves in fits and starts, the way it flutters and wheels or seeps through the frame like thick molasses. The way it doesn't behave.

When you are a Time Lord, time always behaves. You transcend the tyranny of waiting.

And every breath we drew was hallelujah... )
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A few spoilers for recent eps. Not very continuity-related. Can still be understood if you haven't seen the eps yet, but should not be read if you are a spoiler-phobe.

Sex and death: two great tastes that taste great together. Hard NC-17. Violent. Gallifreyan anatomy, sex-as-salvation, sex-as-destruction, wrongness. WRONGNESS. If you can't stand reading "Naked Lunch" and other William S. Burroughs stories, DON'T CLICK THE CUT. I can has brain bleach now?

'I'll help you.' He can feel the Master's terror, smell it in his sweat, a scent like sour raspberries. It's the best smell in the world. )
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Mr. Saxon/Lucy Saxon. Dark. Spoilers for The Sound of Drums, which is the very most recent episode. Also assumes the truth of my crackpot fan theory -- which spoils the next episode if it's true, but will probably be disproved, making this a potential AU.

In the dream, the man comes to her, eyes brittle and shining as with a fever. 'One choice left,' he says. 'One choice, to live or to die. Take my hand.'  )


Jun. 8th, 2007 10:53 pm
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The wonderful [ profile] lordshiva (Kelly Hale) and her partner in crime have put together a Doctor Who online fanzine:

Lost Luggage

It's fanfic with a substantial editorial review process. Paul Cornell (yes, the guy who wrote the most recent two-parter in season 3, Human Nature/Family of Blood) wrote a well-deserved introduction for these folks. And best of all one of my stories (on the Third Doctor) was selected.

'Best of all' was just struck out in that sentence because there are so many stories here that are depths and dangers and heights and subtleties more fabulous than mine. My favorite one that I've read before is Suture by [ profile] fahye, and my favorite that I hadn't until tonight is Nothing But Flowers by Vali, which is... deep and dark and terrible.

And I've only read about half the picks, so.
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(Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane. PG. Underwear. Bad, bad pun on book-canon. Nothing worth shielding your eyes from except the low humor of wordplay.)

I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

The Doctor giggled.

"What?" Sarah Jane said, mystified and indignant. She looked behind her and caught the Doctor looking away suddenly. He'd been staring at her rear! Him, the Doctor, not usual at all! The waistband of her underpants was showing.

But why was he giggling so much? They weren't even girly panties -- just some briefs from some American company, picked up at need. He'd certainly seen her underwear before. In fact, he'd seen her totally naked. You don't always get away from monsters with your clothes intact.

"Ah, I'm sorry," said the Doctor, still chuckling. "Gallifreyan schoolboy joke."

"I don't quite understand," Sarah said.

"The words on your waistband," he said, and grinned, "may be taken as a low reference to baby-making."

She shook her head and walked away, confused. Of course it would be words, but she still didn't get it. Traveling with the Doctor was curiouser and curiouser!


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