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Ok Internet. Is it me or is anyone else out there REALLY WANTING Nate/Sophie/Sterling OT3 fic? (In addition to the Hardison/Parker/Elliot OT3 that we already knew was practically canon, natch.)

Fandom, I demand that you make this happen!


Dec. 25th, 2012 04:13 pm
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Well, I *was* going to muck around town as Femme Darth Vader but I'm catching a cold, so started out late... and then found my wallet wasn't in my pocket.

Since I bought gas last night right before coming home, it can be in one of three places - house, car or somewhere random on the ground where I opened my car door. House and car are both complicated searches in progress. Somewhere random on the ground is essentially an unsolvable condition. Nobody seems to have charged anything on my debit card as of yet, so I'm guessing house or car. But... where the hell in said places? Did the cats drag it off? Meanwhile, this sucks and I shouldn't go driving around without my driver's license. :-(

In happier news, I have two awesome Yuletide gifts from anonymous benefactors - Her Brother's Keeper (Chronicles of Amber story focused on Fiona) and Autumn Sparring (Baldur's Gate story focused on Khalid and the Harpers.) Yay!

I'm also getting involved in a super intricate creative collaboration with a new friend in the Homestuck fandom. (If you're interested, I'll be posting more about it on DW and Tumblr, as I get the sense that Homestuck babblings will be more welcome in those areas, though if you're interested in my putting up posts here too, feel free to note it in comments. I'll definitely link to finished results here, in any case.)
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Despite the name, it is not solely for fic. It is fic- and conversation-oriented and I am trying to especially invite people who want to get up to these shenanigans - the kind that are a lot more difficult on Tumblr, which is where most of the Homestuck fun seems to be taking place.

So yeah. Go over and check thii2 2hiit out if you like the Gemini trolls and want people to jam with for fan-creativity.
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So I've been watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles - great show, great actors all around.

Can you have nightmares in your daydreams? If so, Shirley Manson's character is in mine. I can't make fanvids, so I made a montage.

I want a girl with shoes that cut and eyes that burn like cigarettes. )
(Screencaps from and promo stills. Spoilers for the introduction of Catherine Weaver.)

What is it about evil redheads, anyway?
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Spoilers, naturally. )

* Way, WAY different from Donna's ring. You can buy a replica of the Master's ring here, if you are wooby over the Master, unafraid of possession, and have £90 to spare. Amusingly, the hand model for their photo is wearing red nail polish.

** Way, WAY different from the Master's ring.

*** Like in your internet browser cache. More or less literally.


May. 2nd, 2008 01:41 pm
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Via Making Light...

I'd be buying this right now if I weren't tight on cash:
The Complete Spockanalia (fanzines)

GLAH. Want.

I love early fandom things. And I love Spock things. And I strongly encourage someone on my f'list to go out and buy this so that I can beg a look at it later. Go on, you know you want to.1

1Comments of "No, I don't" from straight boys,2 non-TOS fans and non-Spock-appreciators are hereby deprecated by this disclaimer.

2I'd include lesbians in that, except I regularly encounter women who are not interested in playing with RL men, but like textual ones all the same. Vive la difference!
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About five hundred words. Came off the drabble tag game, but I like it well enough to repost it on its own. I didn't expect Liz to go so. fucking. smexy on me!

"Give me a call if you're ever ... well, in trouble anywhere there are phones," Dr. Shaw said to her. It isn't South Croydon, but it has phones. )
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Since I failed my sleep roll, I'm going to try again after posting a quick fic rec: Hourglass, by schildkroet/[ profile] vail_kagami. Spoilery for s3. Very dark, brutal and intense and extremely sad -- not the sort of semi-consensual BDSM stuff that we traditionally seem to write, but a very truly told abusive dynamic. The thing that chilled me most about it is that everything the Master says in it, with a few exceptions, is more or less true. Ouch.



7 Naughty Master Prompts

If you want to take a prompt, let me know. More than one person can take a prompt, but I'll list your name up here when you agree to it, and then link the stories when you finish.

Some are crack, some are serious. Most of them involve sex, but they don't all have to.

Cut for S3 Spoilers. Half are specifically new-school related; one is old-school, the rest flexible. )
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So I'm here in Maine, getting ready to graduate. Putting final touches on the essay for [ profile] teriel tonight. My sleep schedule is fuckulated due to failure to sleep on the flight, so I took a nap at 4:00 and slept for a few hours.

I actually got an interesting dream, which is a good sign for the rest of my brain capacities coming back soon. Interesting, but ham-handed, in the way of "the pizza guy walks in..." because apparently going through a second puberty means that I am subject to actor crushes. I need to see more of John Simm in other roles. This will either burn the obsession out of my brain or make me completely looney, but hey, why go halfway?

Heck, the first time around I only pretended actor crushes to amuse myself. This is a little embarrassing. It is also fun.


Scene: A room -- cramped and dim and full of equipment. The central focus is some kind of observation panel or magic mirror, through which one can physically enter to send their disembodied consciousness into dream frame.

I worry about my cute nerdy gay assistant, who's been in the panel for hours now and should have made it back. He and I are engaged in spying on the Doctor's little team, because, uh, it's important. There's someone with them who may or may not be the Master. Someone played by John Simm.

He comes back.

He 'splains, "It's the way that man moves..." He makes a hand motion that stands in for hip-wiggle or one of the other graces. "I can't take my eyes off him. He's mesmerizing. That's why I fell too far in."

Thank you cute nerdy gay assistant narratorial subconscious. I knew that already. This of course means that I must do my duty and brave the mirror portal cheesy plot device in order to properly become one with the third-person dream narrative.

CUT TO: Subway car, 1920's-era. Rickety; ill-lit, there are little flashes of light entering and leaving the car. The Doctor is time-travelling manually. This is rare and difficult and quite like the shadow-shifting from Zelazny's Amber.

He has with him two companions. One is Martha, wearing a flapper dress -- the other is someone he keeps calling Baine -- who looks and moves like Simm!Master, but talks and is dressed like a 'contemp', as Connie Willis would say. (The name Baine is a Willis reference.)

It slowly becomes clear to me from the way they're talking that the Doctor knows Baine is the Master; Baine appears not to know this -- perhaps he's the result of a transformation? -- and acts as if he's just the Doctor's human companion, from the local era.

They keep meeting with pitfalls and booby traps -- something falls from the ceiling of the car, an enemy jumps out of the dark at them -- which Martha often defuses. Either the Master is definitely amnesiac or it's a ruse to bring them into his traps. The Doctor gets more and more frustrated trying to figure out which of these things is true. "Aah, now we're in 1910, thereabouts," he says. "You like it here, do you, Baine?"

"Well, I suppose. Why ask me?"

"You were tapping out a rhythm from a 1910 tune, it shifted us there. You seemed to know what you were doing..."


I don't really have more of the dream. What a plot fragment! It makes me speculate that perhaps the Doctor turned him human in a misguided effort to save/rewrite him, but it's not a clear enough narrative to write it into fanfic.

I had another Doctor Who dream recently, before leaving Oregon -- where all the old Who companions and Martha were wandering around in a cave where their Doctors were trapped. The thing I remember best about it was that one companion said to another, "No, don't go towards that entrance, it's guarded by the Worm People," and indeedy it was, and the Worm People were extras doing inchworm movements and wearing whiteface makeup -- because that's old Who! It even had a sort of low-res look.

Oh, and I have had that Scissor Sisters song stuck in my head since Monday. Makes me sympathetic to the sexy bastard and his drums.


edit: Also, fic rec! Morning Constitutional, by [ profile] snowgrouse and [ profile] taleya. It is better and wronger than mine. (And, warning, FAR less consensual. Fucked up.) If you liked mine, you may want to read it. Needless to say, NC-17.
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I'm pretty firmly on the bandwagon: The Doctor and the Master are now my One True Pairing.

I didn't believe there could be an OTP, but I'm now convinced that they're the only possible match for each other... in an unorthodox way. Sad and strange and unstoppable.

Explaining the deep dynamic...

The Master. Where can I begin? He's into the power trip, I think, not because power is ultimately what he craves -- you see, in this last episode, how he acts when he has it; he seems more needy, not less -- but because it's a very effective way of inviting people into the kind of dynamic he wants, and wants desperately.

Across all of space and time, he follows the Doctor around and tries to make himself the biggest thing in the Doctor's world, creating villainous plots like a spray of Time Lord peacock feathers; and he does this in ways that mean that the Doctor would be justified in hurting him very badly. He's been adhering to this pattern since, oh, his first appearance in the Third Doctor era.

And the Doctor will hurt him. Time and again. He'll do it because he's pressed, because it's the only way to resolve a situation. But he won't mean it.

And that's what the Master wants: hurt me and mean it. He has, perhaps, some crosswiring in his head that make him want to be the target of cruelty, the kind of cruelty that requires intense attachment. It fulfills his need for love, his need for attention.

[ profile] astrogirl2's fic Eclipsing Binary was quite a good redux of this dynamic -- "The masochist says, 'Hurt me!' And the sadist says, 'No.'", and the Doctor is no sadist.

There's a thing that happens to people in relationships. At some point, someone does something that's drastically against the instincts of the other person -- leaving the stove on with no pans on top, taking the wrong job in the wrong part of town, voting Republican or the local equivalent -- and panic flares. A thought comes up, an urge to love the hopelessly misguided partner and do what's best for them, control their every move, keep them as a cared-for favorite pet...

The baseline contract, spoken or unspoken, of almost every healthy relationship includes a clause to not do that*.

Neither the Doctor or the Master has any idea how to formulate one of these clauses. There are no safewords.

Spoilers abound behind here. )
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One for Harry Potter fans, or simply popculturites...

The other for trans folk talking about surgery.

Please feel free to use these in any way or pass along; do give credit.

I don't know where to put a Harry Potter icon, so if you do, you're welcome to put it there. I know lots of transgender communities, but none for icons, now that I think of it. These ideas just brainwormed me this morning, and I had to share. :-)


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