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So for Yuletide I made the usual three requests, etc, etc.

My top request - which, while I would have loved either of the others, frankly took center stage because I've been Amber-obsessed lately - got so much love!

It was, basically, to explore and perhaps resolve some aspect of the relationship between Martin and Brand. And, if the writer wanted to, hit some of my kinks for friendly enmities and betrayal and forgiveness in the process. Oh, and slashy subtext. Massive spoilers for the books, if you haven't read them.

The wonderful, wonderful folk of Yuletide wrote me three. different. stories.

Even if it were politic to choose a favorite, I wouldn't be able to, because I love them all so much. They don't duplicate each other's content particularly. The first two have the most slashy context, they are allllll the kind of wonderful darkbright stories I favor, pain and ambiguity and desperation and hope and strangeness, and OH SO MUCH WIN.
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Linked by [ profile] moominmuppet.

That, and as various people have pointed out, there's no guarantee these things won't misfire and give you a huge dose in one spot.

While passing through the airport, I suggest y'all encourage your friendly neighborhood TSA reps to ask their bosses "why aren't we wearing radiation badges, again?"


In other, unrelated and cheerier internettage, have an awesome article about doing steampunk Native American style.


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