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I've never seen a garment quite like this short-sleeved jacket, a user-submitted design by Tiia Vahla on Chicstar.
front side behind cut )
But I feel that wearing it will make me look like a character out of some kind of graphic novel. Clearly, a graphic novel set in a century that didn't exist. It's the little buttons in the back, and the gorgeous pleated tail, that make it so unique.

The epaulets (hidden in that picture, but visible in the user-submitted picture on the page) look pretty nifty, too. It's almost like [ profile] heron61's opera jacket reincarnated as a cocktail dress. I'm not sure where and when to wear it - it seems like a spring/autumn sort of garment, something I might wear with long sleeves under or possibly arm warmers. But Portland has a lot of weather that can't figure out whether it's supposed to be warm or cool, so I'm sure I'll find a use for a curious piece like this that doesn't fit into ordinary clothing categories.

Possibly it demands a parasol. What do you think, folks? Parasol? Goggles? A hat with a feather? I may also decide to replace the buttons with something elaborate - though, then again, I keep meaning to do that with my daily wearing coat, and I still haven't got around to it.

In any case, it's the sort of garment that should make a fun addition to my wardrobe, and I'm looking forward to seeing the real thing.

(Chicstar's review/referral program is such crack. It's like writing letters to Santa. "Dear Santa, I don't have a lot of money, but I want this because..." And then you get a package and it has stuff in it! You don't even have to leave out milk and cookies!)

More vanity

Jun. 1st, 2010 12:47 pm
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Sorry about the so-so image quality and the lack of detail in the back; I sent a larger image of both sides but the only posted the front (and now I can't get the full version of the picture to post up here because my computer at home isn't working.) - Anyway, I really like this coat and I wear it a lot; it's lightweight, and has good pockets and a nice flare to it.

Here you can buy it, or see the tails as displayed on their model.
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Keep meaning to get around to this...

Here's a picture of me in these jeans from Chicstar. I'm pretty pleased with them.

If you want, you can vote for my picture here.
Not likely to win, though, since there are some really awesome burlesque performers' pictures up this week. If you feel like buying something from the site, remember to give my email address (a j l u x t o n at g m a i l dot com) as referral and leave a note here saying you've done so - you'll get a discount and so will I!


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