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This is the story I wrote for Yuletide - now that the reveal has taken place. Warning: if you try to play a "guess the references drinking game" with it you'd better be working in sips.


Die Morgensheutegesternwelt
(Rated: T for hallucinogen use)
Fandoms: Young Wizards, Illuminatus! Trilogy, Sandman
Pairing: Tom Swale / Carl Romeo

Summary: A pair of wizards and an enormous heap of pop culture references walk into a music festival in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Some abnormal things happen.


Enjoy, everyone!

Ia, ia!

Oct. 31st, 2011 04:34 am
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Translation software ADDED THE KING IN YELLOW!

The first lines of the Lovecraft story Nyarlathotep:

"Nyarlathotep...the crawling chaos...I am the last...I will tell the audient void... I do not recall distinctly when it began, but it was months ago. The general tension was horrible."

I ran it through twenty random translations using Bad Translator. (

The first time I tried this one I got complete gibberish back out. Nyarlathotep can apparently even drive insane translator software insaner. So I tried again, and got:

"Hastur, Nyarlathotep. Probability modeling needs. .. Perhaps the last paragraph. Of course, I can't remember when I started, but then again, when new. Terrible pressure."

Oh, and weirder still? It added Hastur in when it went through Hebrew and back, using Google Translate.
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While speculating on my next tattoo (I'm considering the Nietzsche quote "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star") I ran across, or re-ran-across, this essay by Robert Anton Wilson about Nietzsche and what people have missed about him.

A New Writer: F.W. Nietzsche

Excellent stuff - just familiar enough that I think I may have bumped into it before, and worth sharing.

"Less heroic, or less demented, than Borges' hero, I haven't actually tried to clone chapters or even pages from the original German text, but just to read Nietzsche again as if I had never read him before, and as if he had lived my life along with me and was, in some sense, my psychological twin brother.

I see, from this perspective, that Nietzsche was very heavily influenced by the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s and also has read a great deal of Logical Positivism, General Semantics, Ethnomethodology and Sociobiology. He is, in fact, one of the best educated and most scientifically hip writers of the 1980s. I am also happy to note that he is a Discordian and a neo-pagan, just like me.

Thus, Nietzsche's concept of Chaos makes perfect sense to me, as the natural conclusion of anybody who has experimented with LSD and also kept up with recent sociology and anthropology. Those who read Nietzsche before the 1980s, not understanding his warning that he would be born posthumously, could not comprehend this aspect of his philosophy. Chaos sounded nihilistic to them, and they did not understand how he could accept Chaos in one breath and denounce nihilism in the next; naturally, they accused him of being self-contradictory.

Actually, it is quite clear, now, that what Nietzsche meant by Chaos was not entropy - as if he believed the universe had already reached its theoretical Heat Death - but rather the infinite diversity of existence.

(...)Chaos, then, is Nietzsche's poetic shorthand for the recognition that the universe is infinite Becoming rather than static Being; and the Will to Power is the resultant of all forces tending to creativity, innovation and the sheer joy of imposing one's own meaning on this universal flux. Thus, Nietzsche's notorious "I could only believe in a god who dances" and his attacks on "the spirit of gravity" are both expressions of the fundamental insight that we can not only
survive the Death of God (the Absolute) but enjoy it. The existentialist experiences the collapse of the absolute, shudders, decides the universe is meaningless, and determines to be brave and impose a meaning on life anyway. Nietzsche experiences the collapse, laughs joyously, decides the universe contains all possible meanings, and tells us to pick the meaning that will liberate our own Will to Power most totally."


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