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The community has some auctions active! So far, three people have contributed items, offering jewelry (me) a stunning set of horn ogham or runes ([ profile] lupabitch) and several kinds of fiber ([ profile] teaotter).

Feel free to contribute yours, or bid on one of the active auctions, at [ profile] nuke_our_cat.
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Buddy is sixteen, purrs like a jet engine and has more love in the tip of his little kitty tail than most beings have in their entire bodies. He is the living incarnation of Totoro, and WE LOVES HIM.

He has almost a clean bill of health except for one thing: over the last couple of months, he's lost a lot of weight - from eleven pounds down to eight and a half. The only cause they've found is his thyroid, and while we're giving him medication for it and have been for years, we're guessing the medication is in turn making it harder for him to keep down food. The vet says Buddy's thyroid is one of the biggest he's ever seen, and eventually the amount of medication Buddy would require would be too much for his system.

My amazing and talented partners [ profile] teaotter and [ profile] heron61 are in great misery over this. Two of our cats, Batty and DJ, died of kidney problems earlier this year amidst mounting health expenses. We really want Buddy to have a few more wonderful years with us. This year has not been a great money year, and with my wallet having recently been stolen and John's RPG writing work not paying as much as it did before the economy crashed, there's not a lot of room for leeway.

Buddy has a heart murmur, so anesthesia is dodgy. However, we're trying to raise money for a radioactive iodine treatment, which has a better success rate than surgery, and doesn't involve a general anesthetic.

We have it on good authority that, if all goes well, this will give our cat the superpower of not being sick.

But it is expensive. So I have started an auction community to help him. If you have creative/fandom-related projects but not money, please consider posting an auction at [ profile] nuke_our_cat.

Happily taking donations as well, to ajluxton at gmail dot com. ([ profile] teaotter has reminded me to remind you to mark it as a personal gift to avoid fees.) We're just trying to raise the cost before the cat gets sicker.

Auction and Donation Info

Every little bit helps, and every repost does as well.

Items will be posted starting in a few minutes.


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