Dec. 25th, 2012 04:13 pm
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Well, I *was* going to muck around town as Femme Darth Vader but I'm catching a cold, so started out late... and then found my wallet wasn't in my pocket.

Since I bought gas last night right before coming home, it can be in one of three places - house, car or somewhere random on the ground where I opened my car door. House and car are both complicated searches in progress. Somewhere random on the ground is essentially an unsolvable condition. Nobody seems to have charged anything on my debit card as of yet, so I'm guessing house or car. But... where the hell in said places? Did the cats drag it off? Meanwhile, this sucks and I shouldn't go driving around without my driver's license. :-(

In happier news, I have two awesome Yuletide gifts from anonymous benefactors - Her Brother's Keeper (Chronicles of Amber story focused on Fiona) and Autumn Sparring (Baldur's Gate story focused on Khalid and the Harpers.) Yay!

I'm also getting involved in a super intricate creative collaboration with a new friend in the Homestuck fandom. (If you're interested, I'll be posting more about it on DW and Tumblr, as I get the sense that Homestuck babblings will be more welcome in those areas, though if you're interested in my putting up posts here too, feel free to note it in comments. I'll definitely link to finished results here, in any case.)

ow fuck.

May. 28th, 2008 04:12 pm
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I just threw my back out. Apparently this is becoming a habit. This time all I was doing was a load of sit-ups. I mean, I don't usually do so many of them, but I've done situps 2-3/x a week with no problems for the last five years or so.

The pain is really nasty, too -- more than the last time this happened.

(Who the hell designed these muscles to only start seriously hurting about twelve hours after insult? I thought pain was supposed to be an alarm system. Not a note on the mirror: "By the way, we dropped by ur base last night and killd ur doods.")

I know most of what I need, I can get in the States: some rest and, most importantly, access to a gym where there are machines and weights that will allow me to strengthen the spinal extensor muscles that have been sitting there atrophying (and showing it) over the last year.

See, that's the thing about doing home workouts without weights... some systems can train up, others can't, and when that happens, pain happens.

I'm only worried in this context that the next few days, which can't involve resting -- as they have to involve packing up and leaving -- are going to do permanent damage. I'm going to take NSAIDs against this possibility. I'm already taking all the anti-inflammatory supplements I have. And bug pills. I got the other foreign teacher to go look for a back brace since he was headed downtown, and we'll see if he turns anything up.

Anyone have other suggestions for recovery -- anecdotes of commiseration -- or whatever? Should I go get a massage right away or leave it until I absolutely have to leave the house? (Professional massage is super cheap here, but three flights of stairs and a standing bus ride with a change of buses fucking sucks.)


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