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Okay, so: Scrub Away 2010 is FORMULATED! A splash of cleansing spearmint, three chamomiles, a touch of myrrh, coriander and a hint of midnight champagne.

Y'all, the contest and banishing will continue through Jan 31, so everyone can get their stories in. The soap will be available through February.

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The first soap available in my shop is also my first limited edition, available through February for the benefit of those who celebrate the Chinese new year. It is also a mystery soap. Why am I posting it before I formulate it? Well, I don't want 2010 to contaminate the mix. 2010 sucked goats.

Shortly after January 1st, I'll post the aroma notes. Expect something fresh, clean and possibly minty.

If your year sucked as badly as mine did, you'll want to scrub away 2010, too. The best/worst 2010 story of over-the-top crappiness gets a free bar of soap (and a couple of goodies and samples) sent your way.

Post them here in the comments - I allow anonymous commenters, so that people coming from off Livejournal can play, but if you enter anonymously, make sure to post your email address so that I can contact you for a mailing address if you win!

(Edit - oops, had comment screening on by mistake. Fixed now; stuff should show up immediately.)

ETA: Yes, the contest is still on; let's give it an end date of January 16th 31st so everyone has a chance to get their stuff in. Wow, I put one end date in one entry and another in another: yeah, I'm tracking real well. Derr.

Also, I have decided to do a banishing on the crappy year for everyone who'll let me!


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