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Thank you for yours; they've all been useful.
On further reflection, I think I may start a multi-fandom Tumblr and use it for analysis / outlet of weird id stuff and emotional taboos / reflections in my relations to story in general. Because I think that's the thing I want more of, that I am missing in the real-name spaces where I've been socializing, and the reason I've got it so bad for the Homestuck fandom is how *unashamed* it is.

So, um, watch this space. When I have a thing to say further on the subject it'll probably be f'locked.

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For serious. I don't think I've been this incomprehensibly over-the-moon about a fandom since my 2006 fling with Doctor Who. I HAVE ALL THE FEELS ASDFHKFKJ. I'm only at page 6300 or so!

Anyway, I hear that Tumblr is where the cool kids keep all their feels these days. So I started one:

Feel free to add me if you're over there. I'm not sure what-all I'll put in it. Probably fandom stuff in general, though I expect to have an emphasis on Homestuck, hence the name.

("Amberite" was taken by a spammer - is there any way to complain about this?)
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I've been reading through Homestuck, which is total crack. (Just reached the end of Act 5 Act 1. Frustrated because now I want to start reading all the fanfic, and there are thousands of pages left to read before I'll be sufficiently plot-educated.)

No spoilers here, but had to share a quote:

AG: Jegus, John.
EB: jegus?
AG: Yes. Jegus!
EB: how do you know about jegus? do you even know what that is?
AG: I have no idea! It's something Terezi has 8een saying non stop for some reason.
AG: It is weirdly infectious.
AG: What is it, some sort of human profanity?
EB: no. well, yeah kind of.
EB: it is a misspelling of an adult male bearded human, who was magic.

Sporfle because TRUE! It is weirdly infectious. I grew up in a Jewish household and went straight to Paganism and still managed to pick up the habit of saying "Jesus!" as a cuss. I originally resisted this for years, but it was an easy habit to slide into after moving in with people who did that.

Now, I take words and names seriously. Therefore, I have decided only semi-jokingly that Jesus is our household god of sudden exasperating events. Such a compassionate deity is surely not perturbed by wayward Pagans occasionally calling his attention to, say, a projectile-vomiting cat.

There are advantages to being the outgoing kind of polytheist.
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...and still broke as heck. Got too busy to worry about it for a while, then OH SHIT MY CREDIT CARDS ARE MAXED OUT AND DUE. *headdesk*

Why can't I just have a job like normal people... Actually, I have analyzed to death the answers to that question and they're kind of complicated and depressing, so, um, SINK FULL OF CATS. Better?

Anyway, I just finished a collage on the subject of Israel/Palestine and posted it here - bidding starts at $30, which is a bit under minimum wage for the time I put in, but I can't be picky right now.

(I'm hoping it doesn't offend anyone. The summary of the political statement I mean to convey is "Argh.")

Auction runs thru Wednesday midnight.
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Wanting What You Have (G, Astrid/Walter, no warnings)

Spoilers for early Season 3. Perspective of one Olivia Dunham, agent of Fringe Division.

The trouble with trying to play along and assuming you know what's happening is that sometimes you'll figure out something you weren't supposed to have known already.

Like about Astrid and Walter.

[Note to readers: I'm scarcely past this point in the show, so please don't spoil me for future events!]
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Me, trapped by the couch: "The kitties. They're so soft and warm.... And they leach willpower from me and turn it into purring."

[ profile] heron61: "...Okay, I've been writing too much Mistborn. In my head I'm doing stats for that!"
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...and if so, can you tell me what the hell happened here?

(Unintentional inappropriate language; also, I should warn for racist trolls in the comments who are best ignored. I'm just really, really curious what Bing was *trying* to say.

Also, pre-empting any confusion, I know my icon is Chinese - I'm using it in reference to mistranslation hilarity.)
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I'm working on a music mix for a character of mine - did one for her last year, doing a new one now that's how she relates to her family members (AKA the other PCs, and a few NPCs.)

So, my character Tamar has a pretty complicated family. (Yes, this is an Amber game.) To summarize the situation I'm trying to characterize: she's adopted, and very close to her sister of the same age from the adoptive family. (Cousins by blood, sisters by upbringing.) Meanwhile, that adopted-sister has a twin by blood, who was not raised with them and resents Tamar for having the decent upbringing that she never had.

Tamar, of course, thinks her sister's twin hates her for different reasons than the actual reasons and is angsty over it.

So I am looking for songs on the theme of wondering/agonizing over not knowing why someone hates you.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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"By the smile that plays on your lips," Mandor said, "I feel the entertainment must be excellent. Care to share the punchline?"

"Asked so sweetly, how can I refuse? You will know well, I am sure, that metaphysical dealings sometimes require sexual congress." Fiona arched a brow in his direction.


"It is not nearly so often that sexual congress requires, perforce, metaphysical dealings. Thus, as you say, I am entertained."


Note to self: In future, always write porny fanfic while working on applications. They are two entirely different kinds of embarrassment, and thus take the sting out of each other, improving workflow.


Nov. 7th, 2012 04:44 pm
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One new bracelet and two new necklaces up.

I need to get some more collage art done. I'm just so nitpicky about it - it takes me forever to search for the exact right image. But I have all these library card catalog cards just begging to be used.

Again thank you to all who have responded and helped out and those who have signal-boosted, and to all those who will.

If you haven't yet, please share this post. (To dispel some confusion on finer points of privacy, please post it on any social network you can; just so long as you say "One of my friends needs help" rather than "(realname) needs help". Thanks!)

Another way you can help? Tell me what subjects you'd be interested in seeing collages about. :-) I enjoy making really small collages like the ones linked, and that takes organizing things around a very particular central theme. ("Glacier" is about depression, "Bibliophile" and "Memento mori" are both self-explanatory.) Not all of them will be pendants either - I have more glass pieces and framing tape than I have premade frames with bails. I may also do mini collages on watercolor paper; we'll see.

So. What themes would you like to see turned into miniature works of art? Feel free to make suggestions whether or not you're likely to buy the resulting piece!
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Good thing I got some pictures yesterday that I didn't have time to fix up, as today there is just no possibility of photography. But I did get some yesterday! So I've got three more necklaces up here, including a pretty posh one I made a few years ago.

This is the main post to signal boost.

(New readers, or folks just tuning in, the short version is that I'm trying to recover from a financial and emotional slump and, not having a normal job right now, I'm trying to dig out of my immediate bills and food needs. But I'm also trying to avoid straight-out donations, because I really need to feel useful and keep busy right now, so if you have the desire to make a donation, contact me and see if there's anything I can do for you in exchange - even if it's mainly symbolic.)
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Getting natural light around here is criminally difficult, but I managed to fix up a few more pictures and post 3 new necklaces in my jewelry post! The full measurements will be up later, and probably so will a couple more necklaces. Let me know if you're interested or interested pending measurement and I'll have them up this evening.
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I am actually trying to track something, hence no 'tickybox!' answers. I genuinely would like to see as many answers as possible, so you're welcome to repost this, etc.

If you know both of the meanings I'm talking about, choose the one that you are most accustomed to at this present time. I have hidden answers in order for people to feel more comfortable disclosing their age bracket, but I will post percentages and such later.

Meanwhile, thank you to all who have helped out so far with my current financial problems. I've raised about $500 so far. I'm still very far from being able to do much *more* than pay rent, but the object sale and call for commissions is still running and I'll be putting more stuff up soon.

Oh, and I can't edit the poll now that I've already posted it, but if neither of the first two answers makes sense to you for some reason, choose "What the hell is..." even if you have a completely different meaning for flatiron, and explain in comments.

Also, assume that we are talking about a drop of at least a few feet.

[Poll #1876708]
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Added to the main post: I will make you audio recordings for money!

$5 for a 100-word simple voiceover, one clean take. I will add more complex listings to this later. I think I need to verify my account before I can put up things over $5. Meanwhile if you want something more complex than this, we can negotiate it here or by email. I can do snippets of incidental music on my Casio, and record surprise/prank messages for your friends.
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Dear Yuletide Writer:

Okay, this year is a little weird so bear with me!

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If anyone else remembers this game, Skyroads, from that ubiquitous 90's DOS shareware CD, I thought I might do the public service of posting it here.

Most of the comments on this video echo my experience: losing track of the darn game for a decade or more and being utterly haunted by the memory of it. The musical track starting at 2:18 or so is my very favorite one (road 3 in the recordings linked below.)

I never got terribly far in the game, but I never forgot it either; electronic music and gameplay "feel" are beautiful and entrancing. And you can get the game and the music from the Estonian developers' website. (The "in production mod" tracks are actually closer to what I remember than the dos emulator recording, and the composer is still answering fan email cheerfully. Which is pretty amazing support for a game that's old enough to buy smokes!)
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As promised, I've got three more bracelets and a necklace up for sale. I even managed to get roughly decent photographs, though *looks up at the drizzly sky* SOME climate is NOT HELPING. Ahem. Anyway, some of you out there have MUCH worse weather to deal with... you've been in my thoughts, people of the East Coast.

Signal boost post is here.

Thank you all again...
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Okay, guys. Several of you contacted me suggesting a signal boost. THIS IS THE POST TO SIGNAL BOOST. Feel free to pass it around far and wide.

Please don't use my real name in connection with it publicly: I've discussed my mental health problems openly in this journal. I really wish we lived in a society where that wouldn't be massively stigmatizing, but meanwhile, I've got to keep my expectations realistic for the one we've got... And I'd like to be open and honest somewhere, and for now, LJ is the place.

PROBLEM: I'm struggling with depression and trying to get back on my feet financially and emotionally.

GOAL: Any amount helps. Rent, bills, and minimum payments on things that are due now = about $500. I could also use money for food and filling my gas tank would be extremely helpful. Paying off the credit cards I've been using to live on for the last few months would leave me in a much less precarious position: that's roughly $3000.

And for serious, guys, if people want to buy $3000 worth of my art, it would be a MASSIVE self-esteem boost.

HOW YOU CAN HELP right now:

* Item sale:
Collage pendants, visual art
Beaded & crocheted jewelry

$5 for a 100-word simple voiceover, one clean take. I will add more complex listings to this later. I think I need to verify my account before I can put up things over $5.

Meanwhile if you want something more complex than this, we can negotiate it here or by email. In the $10-30 range, I can do snippets of incidental music on my Casio, and record surprise/prank messages for your friends. I can do both female and male vocal range through the magic of Audacity, so if you want it to sound like two voices, that's totally possible. Or if you ever wanted a customized voice-set for Baldur's Gate or another video game...

* Signal boost THIS post, where continuing updates will be posted. I may also post some used items for sale.

I'm trying to get out of the red in terms of self-image as well as financially. This means... the work, itself, is as important on some level as the money. I don't want people to give me money for nothing, right now, if I can avoid it. I'm trying to restore a sense of flow in my life, and part of that is being productive and helpful.

Pretty soon I'm going to be posting up "gig offers" where you can also commission services from me; watch this space. Meanwhile, if anyone has any bright ideas, I'm taking suggestions. If you wanted to just send me money, I have lots of skills at a "high-quality amateur" level and I would be happy to make or do something just for you, perform a publicity stunt for your project, et cetera.
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Okay, so: This is the post where individual works of collage art, drawing/painting and the like will be put up. This includes pendants which can be worn as jewelry or hung on the wall, rearview mirror, etc.

Collage pendants are all framed in glass and metal and assembled with bookbinders' PVA adhesive.

Normally I'd ask more for these (they take me an average of an hour and a half each, plus supplies cost) but I really need the cash, so my loss is your gain. (If you want to pay more than the listed price, that would be welcome too.)

Comment to purchase.

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